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KOTC Global Presents a Titan Class Showdown: MVP Candidate Jesse White's Undefeated Streak

SERIES PREVIEW / December 17, 2023

[Houston, TX, 12/17/23] — The King of the Court Global league is gearing up for an exhilarating Titan Class series on December 17, featuring the league's MVP candidate and undefeated powerhouse, Jesse White. The Texas Southern University Recreation Center will once again be the battleground for this highly anticipated matchup.


The Titan Class series will showcase an intense faceoff between Jesse White, Shelby, Darrius, and Jeremiah—four formidable athletes known for their skill and competitive spirit.

Player Profiles:


- Jesse White (6'6, Houston): The MVP candidate and league sensation, aiming to finish the year with a perfect 6-0 record.


- Shelby (6'7, San Diego): Seeking revenge after the last Titan Class series, Shelby is determined to leave a lasting impact.


- Darrius (6'5, Huntsville): An upset-minded contender with the potential to disrupt the status quo.


- Jeremiah (6'4, Dallas): Representing the Dallas area, Jeremiah brings his own set of skills to the Titan Class series.


Currently boasting an undefeated record of 5-0, Jesse White is not only a top contender for the MVP title but also holds the second position in the league's all-time earnings with an impressive $1,000.


In the last Titan Class series, Jesse White engaged in a fierce battle against Shelby. After a dominant performance in Game 1 (15-2-0), Shelby came back strong to win Game 2. The series reached a climax in Overtime during Game 3, where Jesse secured victory with a score of 15-13, showcasing his clutch play.


Shelby, eager for redemption, returns to face Jesse White once again. The stakes are high, especially after their closely contested previous matchup, where Jesse totaled 42 points and Shelby scored 27.


Darrius, motivated to upset the series, and Jeremiah, representing the Dallas area, add unpredictability to the mix. With their unique skills, they pose a serious threat to the undefeated streak.


As the league's MVP candidate faces fierce competitors in the Titan Class series, fans can expect nothing short of a basketball spectacle. With revenge, redemption, and upsets on the line, the December 17 matchup promises to be a pivotal moment in King of the Court Global history.


Brendon Zavala


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About King of the Court Global:

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