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Unforgettable Showdown: Jesse White's Epic Comeback Steals the Spotlight in King of the Court Global Thriller

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NEWS / August 02, 2023

[Houston, TX, 08/02/23] — The Zone gym in Houston witnessed a basketball spectacle on August 2, as King of the Court Global delivered an epic matchup showcasing unparalleled skill, determination, and an unforgettable comeback by Jesse White.


Chandler, Jesse, Van, and Mike O took the court in a highly anticipated matchup that had fans on the edge of their seats.


Chandler entered the match on a hot streak, having won two series back to back and establishing himself as one of the most skilled players in King of the Court Global.


The opening game set the tone for an intense series. Chandler emerged victorious with a beautiful hook shot to reach 15 points. Jesse displayed remarkable skills, finishing with 11 points, while Van and Mike O showcased their prowess with 7 points each.


In a stunning turnaround, Jesse took control in Game 2 with clutch shots, earning a decisive win with 15 points. Chandler, who started strong, reached 12 points but fell short.


Game 3 will forever be etched in King of the Court Global history. Chandler dominated the game, almost every shot falling in his favor. Jesse, however, staged a miraculous comeback, overcoming a significant deficit to secure victory with a game-winning mid-range shot, finishing with a perfect 16 points.


Jesse's performance in Game 3 was nothing short of legendary—shooting a perfect 10/12 and securing the win with an impressive 16 points.


Despite the loss, Chandler showcased incredible skills, shooting 9/12 and a flawless 5/5 from 3-point range, demonstrating the high level of competition in King of the Court Global.


The founders of King of the Court Global labeled Game 3 as a favorite, acknowledging Jesse and Chandler for delivering the greatest performances in the history of the league.


Expressing gratitude to every player in this classic match, King of the Court Global extended blessings to Chandler Jacobs as he embarks on his professional journey playing in Spain. The organization eagerly anticipates Jesse White's return each month, celebrating the commitment and talent of these elite basketball players.

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