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King of the Court Global Witnessed Basketball Brilliance in Titan Class Showdown

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NEWS / September 24, 2023

[Houston, TX, 09/24/23] — The Imperial Recreation Center in Sugar Land, TX, played host to an exhilarating Titan Class matchup on September 24, featuring King of the Court Global's unstoppable force, Jesse White, and a roster of formidable competitors.


Jesse White faced off against Chris Wilson from Houston, Mark Joe Ray Wilcox from Alabama, and the young Texas Southern University standout, Ice, in a highly anticipated Titan Class series.


In Game 1, Jesse White displayed his undeniable offensive skills, securing victory with a commanding 15-11-6-4 score. Much recognition was given to Chris Wilson for putting up a strong fight in the face of Jesse's offensive prowess.


Game 2 saw an incredible performance from Chris Wilson, who earned a win with his exceptional shooting ability, knocking down seven shots from 3-point range. The score for Game 2 stood at 15-11-4-3.


Each time Jesse and Wilson matched up, tension filled the air. Despite Jesse's amazing run in the beginning of Game 2, Wilson showcased his prowess and made it a competitive matchup.


Game 3 reached a fever pitch as Jesse and Wilson both demonstrated fiery and sharp gameplay. The game went into overtime, with both players tied at 12 at the end of regulation. Jesse fought his way back, forced overtime, and continued his untouchable run to reach 15, securing the series win.


Mark Joe Ray Wilcox surprised everyone with a thunderous slam dunk in Game 2 against the young and tall student, Ice. It was hailed as the greatest play of the day.


Jesse White added to the excitement with two in-game dunks, including a game-winning dunk that sealed the victory for the series.


Jesse White's consistent ability to amaze in every series was noted, and every player contributed memorable moments to make the September 24th matchup truly special.


Brendon Zavala


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