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Kevin's Thrilling Debut in KOTC Global Basketball League Includes a Nail-Biting Game 2

NEWS / December 03, 2023

[Houston, TX, 12/03/23] — In a riveting clash at the Texas Southern University Recreation Center on December 3, King of the Court Global showcased unparalleled basketball prowess in the Emperor Class, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

The star-studded lineup included Kevin, Trey, Juan, and Josh, each contributing to the intensity and excitement of the match.

The highly anticipated series featured standout performances from seasoned players, with Kevin Holston making a remarkable debut. In a tightly contested Game 1, the score reflected the fierce competition with a nail-biting 15-13-12-8. Kevin, displaying his scoring finesse, secured victory by reaching 15 points in the first game.


However, the drama heightened in Game 2 as Trey delivered a stellar performance, edging out Kevin with a final score of 15-13. The audience witnessed an intense battle, setting the stage for a decisive Game 3.


Game 3 proved to be the climax of the series, with Kevin showcasing his resilience and skill. In a commanding performance, he secured victory with 15 points, ultimately winning the series.


Kevin Holston's overall dominance was evident as he accumulated an impressive 43 points across the series. His scoring finesse and strategic play established him as a force to be reckoned with in the Emperor Class.


With a flawless record of 1-0, Kevin Holston has solidified his place in the King of the Court Global league. Adding to the excitement, Kevin has taken his talents overseas to play professionally in Montenegro, promising more thrilling performances upon his return.


The latest match has left fans eagerly anticipating the next showdown in the King of the Court Global series. As the league continues to redefine basketball competition, fans can expect more electrifying moments, intense rivalries, and exceptional athleticism in the upcoming matches.

Brendon Zavala


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