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[Houston, TX, 03/19/23] — March 19 marked a historic moment in the King of the Court Global league as the 2022 MVP, Bonnet Bandit Ciddy, took the court against YouTube sensation Lahmoon, EPM John, and JNorth in an electrifying matchup at The Zone.


The star-studded series featured Bonnet Bandit Ciddy, Lahmoon, EPM John, and JNorth—four exceptional athletes known for their skill and tenacity on the court.


In a riveting display of skill and determination, Bonnet Bandit Ciddy secured victory in three intense games. The series unfolded with a Game 1 triumph (15-0-0), a narrow loss in Game 2 against Lahmoon (10-15), and a decisive win in Game 3 (16-2-2).


Ciddy showcased his prowess in Game 3, delivering a flawless performance with a dominating score of 16-2-2 against Lahmoon and John. JNorth, however, forfeited during Game 1, expressing concerns about the physicality of the game.


With a total of 41 points in the series, Bonnet Bandit Ciddy exhibited sharpshooting abilities and defensive dominance, solidifying his reputation as a force to be reckoned with.


The victory secured Ciddy's sixth win, bringing his record to an impressive 6-2. Additionally, his all-time earnings reached a remarkable $1500, maintaining his position at the top of the earnings board.


Known for his physicality, skill, and strong will, Lahmoon posed a formidable challenge, making each moment of the matchup intense and captivating.


John's intriguing playing style and talent added an extra layer of excitement to the series, making him a player to watch.


The matchup drew one of the largest crowds in King of the Court history, with spectators witnessing the clash of titans both in person and on YouTube. The electric atmosphere underscored the significance of the moment for the organization and its supporters.

This classic encounter will be etched in the annals of King of the Court Global, a testament to the league's commitment to showcasing top-tier talent and providing unforgettable basketball experiences.


Ciddy: "This win means a lot, especially against such tough competition. Lahmoon, John, and JNorth brought their A-game, and it was an honor to share the court with them."

Brendon Zavala


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